Parts Tracking. Simplified.

Say you need to locate a specific CAPA part used in a repair. Maybe there’s a safety concern. In any case, you want quick results.

With some aftermarket parts that could be a problem. But not with CAPA Certified replacement parts, thanks to the CAPA Tracker. It’s a program designed to make identifying and locating these vehicles which CAPA parts were used very simple and easy.

In the event of a problem, CAPA Tracker enables CAPA to inform you, via an internet based tracking system if one of your repair orders contained that part.

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How it works.

The repair facility enters the unique CAPA Seal number and repair order number into the CAPA Tracker database using that repairer’s unique “Shop Code”. This can be easily done via the CAPA website.

CAPA links this data to a myriad of information about that part using the unique CAPA seal number.

In the event of a part problem, CAPA can identify all reported instances of the use of that part, matching the seal number to the applicable repair orders and repairers. CAPA can immediately notify each repairer allowing them to contact their customers.

CAPA Tracker closes an information gap and provides visibility throughout the supply and repair chain from manufacturer to distributor to repairer to consumer. It’s a true industry advance and service.