The Certified Automotive Parts Association is the nation’s only ANSI accredited standards developer for competitive crash repair parts. Independent and non-profit, our certification program’s sole purpose is to ensure that both consumers and the industry have the means to identify high quality automotive crash repair parts via the CAPA Quality Seal.

ANSI/CAPA Approved Standards

  • ANSI/CAPA 201-001-2019
    • Standard Test Method for Full Part Dimensional Stability Testing of Automotive Replacement Bumper Covers
    • To order a free copy of ANSI/CAPA 201-001-2019, click here.
  • ANSI/CAPA 101-001-2019
    • Standard Test Method for Striker Retention Testing of Automotive Replacement Sheet Metal Hoods with Strikers
    • To order a free copy of ANSI/CAPA 101-001-2019, click here.

CAPA’s ANSI Standard Development Activities

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