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In order to better understand CAPA’s independent, non-profit testing and certification program, we’ve prepared a variety of materials for your use. As a public service, all this information is available at no charge. If you’d like multiple copies of anything, please contact us by emailing CAPA Support or click on a link below and complete the order form.



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The CAPA Guide to Certified Aftermarket Parts for Claims Personnel and Insurance Adjusters


If you’re an insurance adjuster or involved in claims, you are on the front line when it comes to the use of alternative parts in assessing crash repair costs. Likely, you have to answer questions from both the collision repairer and the policyholder. We can help.

This Guide will bring you up to speed on CAPA Certified aftermarket parts—and CAPA’s unique role in the claims handling process as a certifier of safe, quality replacement parts. And because we’ve worked closely with claim reps and adjusters it has answers to the questions you’re asked every day. If it doesn’t, let us know and we will get you the answers you need.

When the subject turns to certified aftermarket parts, the Guide will put you well ahead of the curve.

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Our Periodic Reports on the importance of selecting CAPA Certified replacement parts

Reports on Non-CAPA Certified Aftermarket Parts in the Marketplace

One of the most compelling reasons to insist on parts meeting the CAPA Standard is to look at what can happen if you don’t. That’s what the CAPA Quality Watch is all about. It examines the risks associated with using non-CAPA Certified parts.

How do non-CAPA Certified parts measure up? Are they safe? What risks do they pose?

As the nation’s only independent, third-party, standards-setting, certification organization working in the public interest, CAPA conducts tests on randomly purchased non-CAPA Certified parts to identify quality and safety issues and periodically reports the results in the CAPA Quality Watch.

CAPA Quality Watch reports are designed to raise awareness on the types of quality issues and potential risks associated with certain specific alternative parts—all of which can be avoided by using CAPA Certified parts.

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(To view the brochure you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed, which you can download here—free).

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A detailed explanation of the requirements for CAPA Certification
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