Manufacturers Committed to CAPA Level of Quality New Parts Being Added at an Average Rate of 40 per Month

WASHINGTON, DC -The Certified Automotive Parts Association (CAPA) has over 500 metal and plastic parts from fourteen manufacturers in its new part approval process. Once this detailed and individual part testing process is complete, the part becomes CAPA certified and the manufacturer is allowed to place a CAPA seal on the part and the part is listed as CAPA. This listing is readily available to the public. “A key component of the CAPA program is ready access to which parts in the market meet CAPA standards,” said Jack Gillis, Executive Director.

Because CAPA certifies the quality of each part, a varied series of tests must be passed before the part becomes CAPA certified. The new part approval process includes test for material properties, fit, finish, paint adhesion, coating performance, weld integrity, adhesive performance and corrosion tests. In addition, each part is examined to confirm that it includes markings identifying the manufacturer and the country and date of manufacture. Finally, the part must complete CAPA’s vehicle test fit program, which verifies that the part fits the vehicle and is examined to verify that the quality standards are met.

CAPA is expanding the certification program to include more parts and new standards. Currently, three specifications that set quality standards for metal, plastic and lighting parts are in place. Each specification provides detailed testing and inspection procedures to ensure the quality of the parts covered by that specification. Where possible, all test procedures refer to nationally recognized tests such as those of ASTM and SAE.

According to Gillis, manufacturers have recently stepped up the number of new parts they are submitting to CAPA for approval and certification, and each of their parts must pass a rigid set of tests before being certified. “Putting untested, unchecked parts into the marketplace is simply unacceptable. Repairers don’t want that and neither do consumers. In fact, most insurers will accept nothing less than a fully tested part.”

The Certified Automotive Parts Association, founded in 1987, is the nation’s only independent, non-profit, third party crash parts quality certification organization. CAPA certification identifies, for both consumers and the industry, those parts that meet our high quality standards for fit, form, finish, material content and corrosion resistance. For more information see