While in the process of developing CAPA’s fifth standard the CAPA 501 Bumper Parts Standard, we have performed extensive testing on bumper parts currently in the market. This video depicts crash tests performed on energy absorbers. The first part shown in the video is a car company brand Ford Fusion 2006-09 (front), part number 6E5Z-17C882-AA. The second part shown in the video is a non-certified aftermarket part same application/year. There was no indication of the manufacturer available on the aftermarket part. Both of the parts were made of plastic material, although dissimilar.

The Test Lab that performed the Crash Test was MGA Research Corporation, Wisconsin, USA. Based on this test and several others having been performed the results clearly point to the need for an aftermarket standard and certification program. Additional information regarding the CAPA program, bumper standard and additional testing results will be released shortly.