WASHINGTON, DC – The Certified Automotive Parts Association (CAPA) has released a report that outlines the differences between its part quality certification program and the recently introduced MQVP™ (Manufacturer’s Qualification and Validation Program).

The report outlines key differences between the two programs including:

  • CAPA certifies (after specific and considerable testing) the actual quality of the parts themselves, whereas MQVP™ is a systems based program
  • Many parts approved by MQVP™ do not meet CAPA standards or have not been certified by CAPA
  • CAPA parts and packaging are clearly identified in the marketplace
  • CAPA part information is publicly available and widely distributed to the industry at no charge
  • As an independent certifying entity, CAPA plays no role in the marketing, distribution or pricing of parts

The report explains the differences between an individual part quality certification program and one that accepts any part produced under a certain system. Included is a snapshot of how parts approved under the MQVP™ process stack up against the CAPA status of the same parts. “By insisting on a rigid set of standards and tests for each part, one of our goals is to keep collision repairers from becoming product testers,” said Jack Gillis, Executive Director of CAPA.

CAPA prepared the report in order to answer the many questions it has received regarding the MQVP™ program and how it compares to CAPA, an independent non-profit association. The information in the report is based on publicly available information regarding the MQVP™ Program. “The purpose of the report is to differentiate CAPA’s program from MQVP™ in order to avoid confusion in the market,” said Gillis. “The bottom line is that there’s a big difference between the two programs and people need to make informed decisions.”

The report is available from CAPA upon request (202-737-2212) or through their website at www.capacertified.org.

The Certified Automotive Parts Association, founded in 1987, is the nation’s only independent, non-profit, third party crash parts quality certification organization. CAPA certification identifies, for both consumers and the industry, those parts that meet our high quality standards for fit, form, finish, material content and corrosion resistance.