Public Access to CAPA Procedures and Parts a Key Component of
CAPA’s Program

WASHINGTON, DC – As part of its overall public education program, CAPA has enhanced its website with new features which will enable anyone with internet access to search the complete database of certified parts, obtain information about vehicle test fits, and use an automated complaint form.

Anyone who visits can easily run a “quick search” by vehicle, which will show a listing of all certified parts available for that particular vehicle. The complete database can also be queried by CAPA part number to instantly verify if the part is currently certified. In addition, users can easily obtain a list of all CAPA-certified parts, or can limit their search to a specific manufacturer, make or model. “In short, our website enhancements ensure that key information about CAPA parts is instantly available to anyone,” said Jack Gillis, Executive Director of CAPA.

The website also contains information on CAPA’s exclusive Vehicle Test Fit Program. In order to become certified, each part must be validated by CAPA’s independent, third-party testing facility (Entela Labs, Grand Rapids, MI) to determine that it will properly fit on a vehicle using very specific guidelines. CAPA’s vehicle test fit program is added to an extensive battery of fit, finish, material and performance tests that are required for each part. Detailed information on CAPA’s six different VTF’s and a specific listing of the required tests are also available

“Providing complete access to information on which parts achieve our high levels of quality and program details have always been fundamental priorities for CAPA,” said Gillis. “As an independent, third-party, standard-setting and certification organization, providing universal access to information is a key component in our credibility.” Currently, CAPA distributes over 50,000 copies of the Directory of High Quality Certified Parts each year and provides electronic estimators with complete part status updates each week. The website is updated daily, and makes current information instantly available. “Not to provide the public with complete access to the program would imply a sense of ‘secrecy’ and incompleteness that has never been a part of the CAPA philosophy,” said Gillis.

The CAPA website also includes an automated, on-line complaint form which provides consumers, collision repairers, part distributors, insurance adjusters and others with an easily accessible system for instant, real-world input of concerns about CAPA part quality.

The Certified Automotive Parts Association is the nation’s only independent, non-profit, third party crash parts quality certification organization. CAPA certification identifies, for both consumers and the industry, those parts which meet our high quality standards for fit, clear construction, and corrosion resistance. Not all aftermarket parts are created equal. For more information on CAPA, go to