CAPA Parts a Winner in CIC Parts Test

Orlando: After the Certified Auto Parts Association (CAPA) parts received their highest marks ever in a Collision Industry Conference (CIC) test in Nashville, TN, another CIC test at the recent National Auto Body Congress Exposition (NACE) shows that the quality of CAPA-certified parts remains solid. “Our goal is to receive good results in every test,” said CAPA president Butch Viccellio. “And, our results are starting to move in that direction.”

The CIC Parts & Airbag Committee recently conducted its latest test comparing car manufacturer service parts to aftermarket parts, and the CAPA-certified parts received higher ratings than the car-company brand service parts in all categories-fit, finish and overall acceptability. In the blind test, participants judged two car-company parts and two aftermarket parts. The CAPA parts were rated higher than their car-company counterparts in all aspects. Other non-CAPA aftermarket parts also fared well in testing.

The test was conducted in a carefully orchestrated sequence. Prior to changing parts on the test vehicle, the fit of the manufacturer’s parts was rated. Original parts were then replaced on a “blind” basis with either car-company or aftermarket replacement parts. Evaluators were unaware of the source of the parts they were rating. Fit and finish were rated 1 to 5, with 5 being best.

Percent of CIC Industry Experts Who Judged the Parts as Acceptable
Ford F-150 Part Ford Service Part CAPA Certified Part
Left Fender 56% 61%
Right Fender 31% 70%


Overall CIC Test Results
Ford F-150
Left Fender
Ford Service Part CAPA Certified Part
Fit 2.94 3.40
Finish 3.36 3.81
Overall Acceptability 56% 61%
Ford F-150
Right Fender
Ford Service Part CAPA Certified Part
Fit 2.89 3.16
Finish 3.22 3.56
Overall Acceptability 31% 70%

“I’m glad to see CAPA’s continued success in blind testing,” said Viccellio. “An effort is now underway to ensure continued success through the new vehicle test fit standard.”

CAPA’s Vehicle Test Fit

In addition to its rigorous metallurgy and corrosion tests, CAPA recently adopted an extensive vehicle test-fit component, which measures how well parts fit on the car. All CAPA-certified parts must now pass the vehicle test fit before receiving certification. “Our quality is good, and we will make it even better,” said Viccellio. “The vehicle test fit is a safeguard to guarantee consistent quality.”

While CAPA’s parts have performed well in recent tests, Viccellio said CAPA isn’t satisfied and recently started working with manufacturers to begin applying CAPA’s successful vehicle test-fit program to CAPA-certified parts already in the program.

“We plan to evaluate these parts via the vehicle test fit and will take all corrective action that is necessary,” said Viccellio. “This will bring our quality and consistency to a level that is exclusive to the CAPA organization.”

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