Our Vision:

Be the most trusted industry standard for quality automotive replacement parts and services that protect consumers.

Our Mission:

Ensure consumers have access to high quality automotive replacement parts and services by identifying sustainable options at competitive prices.

Meet CAPA’s Board of Directors, as they play a role in upholding CAPA’s Vision & Mission.

An Independent Authority on Quality.

There are replacement parts and there are "replacement parts". Quality can vary widely. Just because a part is identified for a specific make and model vehicle is no guarantee it will fit, perform, last or be as safe as the original.

Not even an industry professional can tell a quality replacement part from the rest by looking at it or by whatever fancy brand or authoritative name they call it.

The Certified Automotive Parts Association (CAPA) was established in the public interest in 1987 to set up and oversee a testing program to assure the suitability and quality of automotive replacement parts. Independent, unbiased, non-profit, fully transparent and with no vested interest in the outcome, CAPA has since become the auto industry’s recognized authority on the quality and safety of parts used for collision repairs.

Our comprehensive testing program is a valuable public service that provides consumers, auto body shops, parts distributors and insurance adjusters with the reliable, objective means they need to identify quality replacement parts. Parts that will fit, perform, last and be every bit as safe as the originals. CAPA Certification is even recognized by government regulators as an assurance of quality.

What makes CAPA stand out from the rest is the fact that we have no vested interest in the sale of these parts or in selling of certification services. The public interest is what is at the core of the CAPA program.

To date, over 160 million replacement parts have earned CAPA Certification by meeting or exceeding CAPA’s stringent quality standards, making it  one of the most widely respected quality assurance programs ever. That's the good news. The bad news: There are millions of untested, problematic parts in the marketplace. To be sure you have a genuine CAPA Certified replacement part look for the distinctive yellow and blue CAPA Quality Seal that comes on every CAPA Certified part.

The CAPA Quality Seal appears only on replacement parts that meet or exceed CAPA Standards. It provides independent, objective assurance of product quality.

If there is no seal on the part, it is not CAPA Certified, regardless of what the seller says.

Shops — If it’s not on the part don’t even start!

Consumers — Ask for proof!