Verification Program Overview
CAPA’s service offerings now include verification of high quality automotive-related goods and services outside of the scope of the CAPA Certification Program.  Companies whose automotive-related goods or services that meet applicable, specified requirements may identify those products as CAPA Verified. CAPA Verification demonstrates that a product or service has been independently verified to meet specified requirements for that product or service. Any legal entity of an auto-related good or service may contact Intertek to discuss the potential development of a CAPA Verification Program for their specific good or service. The decision to participate in a CAPA Verification Program or to use CAPA Verified goods or services is voluntary on the part of CAPA Verification Program member companies, insurers, manufacturers, distributors, collision repairers, and others. For additional information on CAPA Verification Programs, please contact


Tier 1 Replacement Part Verification

Participation in this verification program is limited to Tier 1 suppliers – manufacturers that are both approved by the car company to produce the car company original (CCO) or car company service (CCS) part and are contractually allowed to produce an in-house branded version of the part. These parts may be any collision, mechanical, or electrical part type used for automotive repair. CAPA Verification ensures the same factory, tooling, materials, and manufacturing processes are used in production of the CCO or CCS part and the Tier 1 replacement part. Allowable differences are car company trademarks, branding, and packaging.