The Certification Process

1. Manufacturer Facility Approval

In order for a part to be certified by CAPA, the manufacturer must first pass a detailed review and inspection of its factory and manufacturing process.

An independent testing laboratory will validate whether the factory is able to meet CAPA's Quality Standards.

This extensive evaluation determines whether the manufacturer will be approved by CAPA and able to submit parts for individual testing.

2. Part Certification/Vehicle Test Fit

Only after the factory has been approved, may the manufacturer submit individual parts for certification.

Samples of each part are tested for material properties, fit, finish, paint adhesion, coating performance, weld integrity, adhesive performance and corrosion, and are examined to confirm that they include markings identifying the manufacturer and the country and date of manufacture.

If the sampled parts comply with all of the CAPA quality standard requirements, then—and only then—is the participant allowed to apply a CAPA Quality Seal to that part, the final step in the certification process.

Any part that does not have a CAPA Quality Seal may not be considered certified.

3. Maintaining Part Quality

Once the manufacturing facility has been approved, and parts have been submitted and approved for certification, the factory and parts are subject to regular random inspections to verify that CAPA Quality Standards are always maintained.

CAPA also has a program that encourages users of parts bearing the CAPA Quality Seal to file a complaint if they believe the part may not meet our standards.

CAPA's random market monitoring and complaint program may lead to the decertification of parts which are found to no longer fully comply with CAPA Quality Standard requirements.

4. Warranty

CAPA does not warrant parts. The warranting of parts is between the buyer and seller.

The seller of the part is responsible for the products they sell. CAPA manufacturers are responsible for ensuring that the products to which they affix the CAPA Quality Seal actually conform to the applicable Standards.

Manufacturers who participate in the CAPA program are certifying to the public that their parts comply with CAPA Quality Standards. CAPA is certifying that compliance.