Program Overview

Participation in the CAPA program is open to any manufacturer that can demonstrate the ability to conform to CAPA’s standards and agrees to the terms and conditions of CAPA’s License Agreement.

Participants fit into two categories: Full Participants and Limited Participants (subcontractors to Full Participants). A fee must be paid to become either type of Participant.

A Full Participant is a manufacturer that presents the product to CAPA for approval. Only a Full Participant has the right to affix CAPA Quality Seals to a product that complies with CAPA standards.

A Full Participant may subcontract elements of the production of a CAPA certified part, such as stamping, assembly, molding, or painting to another Full or a Limited Participant. Only a Full Participant may submit a part for CAPA approval.

A Limited Participant is a manufacturer that performs a process such as, but not limited to, stamping, assembly, molding, or painting a part intended for CAPA certification. Each aspect of a particular process must adhere to the appropriate CAPA standards. The CAPA Quality Seal may not be purchased by a subcontractor.

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Apply to Become a CAPA Participant

If your company is interested in becoming a CAPA Certified Participant, download the application provided below, depending on the Participant level desired.

After completing the application, attach the application document in an email to CAPA to the link below.

Download CAPA Participant Application

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