CAPA Complaint Program Overview

Quick, effective response is key

CAPA is committed to maintaining the high quality of the parts we certify. That’s why CAPA Certified parts are so highly-regarded in the marketplace and why our standards-setting quality assurance program is so successful.

No manufacturing process is perfect and because CAPA doesn’t just stop at the test lab and factory, we have setup a robust 3-Step Quick Response  when complaints are reported to us from the market.

Step 1 — Initiate

Immediately upon receipt of a Quality Complaint form, CAPA will contact the complainant in order to review the complaint and secure the the complaint part if possible for the purpose of conducting a complete analysis and vehicle test fit of the part at the Validator’s facility.

Step 2 — Investigate

In addition to purchasing the complaint part, the Validator purchases a car company service part from the market. Both parts are fit on an undamaged vehicle and assessed for their overall fit and finish quality. If no defects are found, a CAPA VTF Technician will contact the complainant to attempt to clarify the noted defects and discuss the VTF outcome. A letter will be sent to the complainant advising them of the VTF outcome.

Step 3 — Resolve

Once the VTF is complete—regardless of outcome—a full report with digital photographs is provided to the Participant via a secure website. If defects are found, a joint investigation between the Validator and Participant will be initiated in order to determine the root cause of the defect(s).

Potential results of the investigation include decertification of the part or part lot, a corrective action request (CAR), or no action when the reported nonconformity was not substantiated by the investigation. CAPA reserves the right to decertify the lot number or the part number immediately, prior to investigation.

At CAPA we believe that quality can be maintained only by continuously pursuing it.

Download the new CAPA App

The CAPA Certified Parts App allows users to quickly and easily file quality complaints ... just simply:

  • Scan the CAPA seal barcode
  • Upload Photos
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