CAPA Complaint Form

(For CAPA Certified Parts only -- parts must have yellow CAPA seal.)

CAPA oversees many test and inspection programs to certify the quality of their replacement parts. The most innovative of these is the Complaint Program. The Complaint Program relies on consumers, auto body shops, part distributors, insurance adjusters and others for real-world input concerning the quality of parts. Real-world input allows us to maintain much more accurate and comprehensive standards than test and inspection programs alone.

If you have knowledge of a part bearing the yellow CAPA seal that you believe may not meet CAPA standards, please take a moment to fill out the following Online Complaint Form and click the "Submit" button when you are finished.

Alternately, you may download our printable Complaint Form (PDF Format, 115k), or call TOLL-FREE 1-800-505-CAPA (2272) and file a complaint with a CAPA representative.

If returning the complaint part to the distributor, please print and attach the Complaint Part Return Form (PDF Format, 17k) securely to the part for the return.

Please submit the CAPA Quality Complaint form within 24 hours of returning the part to your distributor.  Submitting the complaint in a timely manner will help to ensure that the part is not destroyed by the distributor and can be obtained for further quality testing.

Download the new CAPA App

The CAPA Certified Parts App allows users to quickly and easily file quality complaints ... just simply:

  • Scan the CAPA seal barcode
  • Upload Photos
  • Save information into a profile for future use